Malibu Beach (not in California) and Cafe NY in Onna

We had a family adventure the other weekend in our neighboring town of Onna!  Found a new beach with caves to explore AND some delicious Banh Mi sandwiches at Cafe NY by the Onna Seawall! After exploring, we headed out for lunch at a new little Cafe on the Onna Seawall Called Cafe NY.  It’s … More Malibu Beach (not in California) and Cafe NY in Onna

Cape Hedo

A little while back, we got adventurous again and headed up north to Cape Hedo (which we have NEVER seen in our 4 years here!).  Cape Hedo is the northernmost point of Okinawa and is the place where the Pacific Ocean meets the East (or South) China Sea.  And the view is SPECTACULAR!  If you’re … More Cape Hedo

Hiji Falls

On the weekend before school started, we FINALLY headed up north to hike Hiji Falls. It was a wonderful day!  No squabbles on the way out the door, no “hangry” episodes, no whining, no screaming fests in the back of the car…GLORIOUS!! And both kids hiked all the way up with no complaints! It rained…but … More Hiji Falls