A Tooth Fairy Story

Oh my goodness, friends.  This loss of the first tooth for E happened PERFECTLY!  The whole event (the loss, and the tooth fairy visit) was all so within her personality! I couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried!! It was SO sweet! Two weeks ago, E noticed her tooth was wiggley and so promptly … More A Tooth Fairy Story

Garlands Galore!

When you live abroad and you’re not quite sure when you will move, home decor must be simple, lightweight and packable! So I am perfecting the perfect party and holiday decor – paper garlands!  Holy Cow, I love these!!  They are cheap and easy to make and they spruce up a room so fast!  AND … More Garlands Galore!

Fall and Holidays 2014 (aka…giant recap of the past 4 months)

Well, as some of you know, since our last blog session (from the summer, GAH!), God has given us our answer to the question: where will we be this next year?  We will be here in Okinawa…but with a whole new life!  Seriously, I feel like we prayed and leaned on our faith in God … More Fall and Holidays 2014 (aka…giant recap of the past 4 months)