A Tooth Fairy Story

The wee tooth
The wee tooth

Oh my goodness, friends.  This loss of the first tooth for E happened PERFECTLY!  The whole event (the loss, and the tooth fairy visit) was all so within her personality! I couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried!! It was SO sweet!

Two weeks ago, E noticed her tooth was wiggley and so promptly set about preparing for the Tooth Fairy’s arrival.  We discussed pillow ideas and began making one.  But halfway through she decided that a pillow just WOULD NOT DO.  I was…upset (to put it mildly) because I had already put in some time to construct the pillow.

But no amount of persuasion would sway her.  E wanted a fairy house for the Tooth Fairy.  It HAD to be made of cardboard (for some weird reason).  It HAD to have a picture that E would draw of the Tooth Fairy.  It had to have carpet.  It HAD to have a door but no windows.

It was all a bit strange…I told her I wouldn’t help.

But I did.

Because I’m a huge SUCKER for making fairy houses.

a wee kitchen

I made it and wallpapered and carpeted it and she decorated it.  She made a framed picture for the wall, set up a little bed in case the TF was tired, and set up a little tea party

A wee tea party
A wee tea party

And the tooth did not come out.

E is not a big fan of pain.  She was afraid of the tooth hurting so there was no yanking or pushing or wiggling it.  She simply left it alone and bit down on food from the sides of her mouth. Two weeks went by and we were all a bit READY for the tooth to come out.

So on Thursday night, September 1st, I was putting her to bed and gave her a big kiss and joked, “Maybe if I kiss you hard enough it’ll pop out!”  We both giggled and I kissed her pretty hard on the mouth and wouldn’t you know it…it just popped out onto her tongue!  We were both so startled that she didn’t even notice all the blood pooling in her mouth!!

a wee hole

We giggled a ton more, washed her mouth out, and began preparing the little house once more.

a wee girl

By the time I turned the lights out there was a pathway to the house with landscaping, a present FOR the TF (Only E would be more excited to GIVE a present that to get one!), some princess dresses for the TF to play dress up in, a little paper airplane to fly, and a slide to play on.IMG_0630

a wee present
a wee present
a wee painting
a wee cupcake
a wee airplane with a seat, a steering wheel, a coat for her wings and a tea set (just in case)
tooth in a wee box
That’s pixie dust on the carpet from the TF and E was SUPER excited about finding it!

E just wanted the TF to have a marvelous time at her house!  What a sweet little host!  I LOVE this girl! And I loved that it was kissed out of her mouth – a testament to how loved she is!IMG_0604

May you be tickled by your little ones too!





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