The Ryugujo Butterfly Garden

A few weeks ago we took a trip up north and on the way back, decided to surprise E by visiting a place where butterflies actually LAND ON YOU!!!

This was her face when she discovered the butterflies
This was her face when she discovered the butterflies



If you know my daughter, you understand how important this is.  She is constantly trying to get butterflies and birds to come and talk to her or play with her…

She is my child.

I used to spin around outside in my backyard and pretend I was a princess who had animal friends.

I was once caught talking to bugs on a camping trip.

And E is EXACTLY the same!


IMG_0279 IMG_0271 IMG_0268

The Ryugujo Butterfly Garden is small (and it was SO hot the day we went), but there are butterflies that do indeed land on you, and for a 6 year old girl who believes in fairies…it was heaven.  Well worth the trip up to the Motobu Peninsula.

IMG_0329 IMG_0330

I could’ve watched her wonderment for hours! She was delighted and we will probably go back someday when it is cooler so we can stay longer.

G liked it too…but was not as thrilled. Plus, he was sweating buckets!



whattayaknow, it IS exciting to have butterflies land on you!!





May you find wonder in your world this week!




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