Cape Hedo

A little while back, we got adventurous again and headed up north to Cape Hedo (which we have NEVER seen in our 4 years here!).  Cape Hedo is the northernmost point of Okinawa and is the place where the Pacific Ocean meets the East (or South) China Sea.  And the view is SPECTACULAR!  If you’re going up, plan on hiking or driving down to the actual beach to really take advantage of this amazing place.

We stayed up at the overlook and I really wish we had ventured down to the waterside!

The Cape!
The Cape!
My boys!...and some melted handrails.
My boys!…and some melted handrails.
Tributes at the Cape


Silly Little E
Silly Little E
G didn't want to take any pictures...
G didn’t want to take any pictures…this is his Charlie Brown pout (btw)
And then everyone got tired of trying...
And then EVERYONE got tired of trying…
So it's just me!
So it’s just me!
Little E captured some fun pictures of little G and I at our snack stop!
E captured some fun pictures of little G and I at our snack stop!
One of my favorites!
One of my favorites!
Got my fisheye lens out and went back for a few wide shots.


Such a view, one of my favorites on the island for sure!  And I’ve been told there is an amazing cafe close by that we missed!!  I’ll have to find it…

Keep exploring!



5 thoughts on “Cape Hedo

  1. I love cape Hedo. These are also some great pictures that you took. It such a cool look out point! I can’t wait to go back and see it again!


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