Fukushu-en Chinese Gardens

As some of you know, we are currently waiting for the government to determine our future.  Adam’s job is in a precarious position and we have been waiting for about 3 months now to see if we can stay on Okinawa or if we will have to leave.

This makes me SUPER sad because I love this island and how safe we are here.  I love that I get to stay home and raise my kids, I love our friends here and our little house church!  We have grown so much personally and spiritually here and as a family.  It has truly been the best place for us to be!

So because of this instability, we have not been able to make any travel plans (and let me tell you, I am ITCHING to be off island right now).  Instead I have been working on projects (more to come on that) and doing the “summer-with-kids” shuffle which requires a lot of driving and sun screen applications!

But we decided to do some on-island adventures for the 4th of July weekend and cross some Okinawa things off our bucket list!

We went to Fukushuen Chinese Gardens down in Naha.  So beautiful!

The garden boasts 2 pagodas that I fell in love with!

Word to the wise: don’t go in the middle of summer…it was SO hot and I didn’t get to spend as much time as I wanted there.  But on the plus side, there weren’t very many people there.IMG_0120

But it was lovely despite the heat, and the kids had so much fun feeding birds and fish and going behind the waterfall to explore the caves.  The little manmade caves aren’t very big…but to a 2 and 6 year old, they are plenty dark and scary enough to feel like an adventurer without too much creepiness!IMG_0154

The park used to be free, with free parking as well but that’s not the case anymore.  It was only 100 yen to park and then it was 200 per adult and 100 for kids 6 and older.  Little G was free. There’s more info about location and hours here.

Two little bun heads staring at the fish!
pagodas…i love pagodas!
Pagoda selfies are the new trend…
pagoda goodness
there are several bridges and streams in the garden
and of course, the wee waterfall. You can go behind the waterfall and then way up to a pavilion on top of it as well.
We took a small break at the pavilion: ate snacks, changed a diaper, sucked down the last of our water…and then I switched to my fisheye lens.
Overlooking the gardens from the pavilion.
Do not be afraid to take the stone pathways up into different parts of the park!
Don’t you think pagodas are so regal looking?
Oh yes, this is when I had to go BACK to the pagodas with my fisheye lens and RETAKE pictures!
This decision did not sit well with my traveling companions…

Even if it’s hot, get out there and enjoy where you live!


Happy travels!!




One thought on “Fukushu-en Chinese Gardens

  1. Ohhh! I have been here! I remember we went and thought it would be a short 30 minute visit and ended up staying hours. We had fun feeding the fish, playing in the water fall, and taking photos with our Chinese calendar chairs. I’m the year of the rabbit. What are you?


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