Hiji Falls


On the weekend before school started, we FINALLY headed up north to hike Hiji Falls.

It was a wonderful day!  No squabbles on the way out the door, no “hangry” episodes, no whining, no screaming fests in the back of the car…GLORIOUS!! And both kids hiked all the way up with no complaints!

It rained…but with none of the above mentioned issues…I was elated!  The rain even reminded us of Oregon a bit!

Ps. Please ignore the quality of the photos.  They are all from Adam’s Android!

Here we are 20 yards into the hike and E says, “We’re already here?” Nope…you have and hour of hiking to go, kiddo!
Go team Goddard!!
Rain is a good excuse for wearing our awesome trucker hats!
Momma and her darlings!
Yep, this is how we roll.
Suspension bridge
Halfway there, only one snack break…rad!
As you can see, Adam loves selfies. I’ve actually edited out half of the selfies he took!
One hour of hiking and we are STILL all smiling! Is this for real??
And NOW Little G is starting to show signs of wear.
More selfies
AND another one.  This is where we had to start carrying Little G. He almost made it all the way to the falls…
Look at them…aren’t they adorable??
Man, have I missed rivers!
And finally…the falls!

Such a fun day! The hike back was a bit faster because Adam carried G and we got E to move fast by counting all the stairs.  Fast hiking AND math practice? win-win!

The cool thing about Hiji is that you can camp right there at the beginning of the hike, right on the river!  It’s a nice set up with bathrooms and decks set up for tents or yurts. The river at the camping area is calm and shallow; perfect for littlies to swim or explore nature.  I wouldn’t try it in the summer though because of all the mosquitos!


Happy hiking!



4 thoughts on “Hiji Falls

  1. I love that you & Adam having matching jackets! We walked back through the river on the way back and that was a definite highlight for everyone, it was so refreshing! There are lots of waterfalls I want to go to but waiting for the weather to cool off…so hopefully the snakes aren’t out sunning themselves!

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    1. Oh, baha! I didn’t even notice our matching jackets! They’re the only rain jackets we have and they’re from his old job of working out in the Oregon wilderness! Yes, once the weather is cool, SO many hikes to plan!!!


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