Shirokuma Thai Food in Yomitan


Shirokuma is a delicious little Thai food restaurant within walking distance of our house.  We frequently take a walk and find ourselves at its doorstep.  It has freshly made food sourced from local markets.

IMG_6810 IMG_6785

I might also love Surikuma because of it’s laid back, shabby, makeshifty gypsyness.  If you are on the island or may visit it…you should spend some time here, sit on one of the low seats, bask in the eclectic ambiance that you secretly want your house to have, sip some jasmine tea and devour anything they offer you.   It’s delightful.


IMG_6813IMG_6825IMG_6774 IMG_6781

Here is little E’s restaurant bag! I LOVE it! I’ll be writing a whole post on it!

IMG_6779Shirokuma is located in Yomitan and is open for lunch and dinner.  Dinner starts at 5pm and they are only closed on Wednesday!

IMG_6819 IMG_6817

Happy Eating!



4 thoughts on “Shirokuma Thai Food in Yomitan

  1. You have such a talent for finding the most bohemian, gypsy-like places! Makes me feel like I’m really living in a makeshift gypsy world when I’m on your blog. Wish I could make everything as wonderland-y on mine! Haha.


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