Earth Hammock Cafe: Can I live here please??


I love hammocks.  I mean, really, who doesn’t love hammocks? I keep asking Adam for one and still I wait for a hammock…

So until I get said hammock, I shall go use the ones at Ametsuchi Terrace; home of Earth Hammock Cafe and Cayhane.IMG_6646

This spring, Okinawa got a new destination mall: the Rycom Mall.  It’s enormous. It’s beautiful. It has a Forever 21 in it.  It’s conveniently located between Camp Foster and Kadena AFB and if you live in Plaza Housing…you could walk to it!  This mall also has the best mall food I have ever experienced.  Nicer restaurants from around town have put their own branches inside!  There is even a Kua Aina burger which I had 10 years ago in North Shore, Oahu and have been craving ever since!  I can inhale that avocado burger! But I digress…

My kids love the mall because of the giant aquarium in the main hall…

IMG_6623 IMG_6635


and I love it because in a separate building on the east end of the second floor is the bohemian paradise of Earth Hammock Cafe.



I would live here if I could.


The terrace is made up of two places.  The first is Cayhane which has so many things I want…(hint hint to anyone wanting to get me a Christmas present…Adam) – camping things, soaps, candles, toys, home decor, dishes…

IMG_6278 IMG_6270 IMG_6267


and, oh the clothes!!

IMG_6668 IMG_6665


The other part of the building is Earth Hammock Cafe (food and drink and HAMMOCKS). So after you lose yourself in Cayhane, you find the cafe and decide that indeed, you should just quit trying to get back to the real world and just succumb to the sitar music and drink brown sugar lemonade and eat malasadas while lying in a hammock for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

IMG_6662 IMG_6661 IMG_6659 IMG_6653 IMG_6651

It even has a trampoline so my kids love it too! Win-win!

E loves cages. I don’t know why. She just loves to trap things. So she was immediately enamored by this little cage.
Organic coffee, malasadas and a huge smile?? Yes, PLEASE!

IMG_6641 IMG_6648

Yep, this is the life!

Happy hammocking!!



4 thoughts on “Earth Hammock Cafe: Can I live here please??

  1. This looks like a place I could totally dig! AND – I also see yarn…which means…if you give it…you eventually get it back knitted in some form. 🙂 (hint hint on the Xmas gifts)
    Love it!


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