“Diagnosises:” When Your Daughter Watches Too Much Doc McStuffins

My daughter has been watching a lot of Doc McStuffins for our Friday Night Family Movie Night.

And therefore, we have been having a lot of “illnesses” in the house to diagnose.  And this makes for some hilarious times. I just love the way her mind works!

Here are E’s “diagnosis(es)” of our family this week!!

Notice the “soul patch” on Dad…
I actually had this disease this week. Lame!
“ThrowUpitus.” Brother (with wild hair) literally blowing chunks!
“LostBoboitus.” Little G calls his pacifier “bobo”
Also noted here are “Greenlegitus” and “HurtLipsitus.” Not pictured is “BrownEyeitus” (her stuffed pig’s disease) and “Bleedyspotitus” which turned out was a mosquito bite that got scratched too much.
The Doc is in.

Happy Parenting this week!!



7 thoughts on ““Diagnosises:” When Your Daughter Watches Too Much Doc McStuffins

  1. This is so so adorable! I love them!
    Griff is really into Dinosaur Train and the moment and constantly wants to go “nature tracking” on the beach to find cool creatures. I love it.

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    1. Oh so fun!! I keep thinking, “Oh this is my favorite age! No THIS is, no this is!” I adore watching them learn and grow! Of course, now that I’m done, I don’t want my baby to grow anymore! He’s at that snuggle stage where he just wants to hug and kiss me all the time!! *sigh*


  2. has she tried to fix her animals?! I am not a fan of Doc McStuffins (probably just because I am not a fan of T.V) but Eden loves it and keeps asking me how she could fix her toys like Doc! I love when kids draw too its the best, super cute!

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    1. She always tries to fix her dolls. For awhile I was worried that she really believed her animals and dolls were real and getting hurt but then she just said, “it’s just pretend, mom!” whew! I don’t mind Doc because at least it’s gotten E to brush her teeth and wash her face and hands without complaint. AND, at her last dr. appointment, she brought her dr. kit and he let her try out all her stuff little G first before he gave her a check up, then he let her use his stethoscope and otoscope! She thought going to the dr was cool. DOUBLE WHEW!!

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      1. super fun! there are some really neat doc’s around thats for sure. When I was prego with Clio my midwife would let Eden use that machine to find her heartbeat, so much fun!


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