Summer Days on the Island

I’ve decided not to feel bad that I haven’t posted anything for three weeks.

It’s summer. 

It’s the time of year where we are out of the house, having adventures (albeit, simple adventures…but adventures nonetheless!) and I would MUCH rather be with my kids, finding shells, having play dates, swimming and finding new places to eat than be making sure my blog is up to date.

And that’s ok. That’s O.K. breathe…

I have to say that to myself a lot because all my blogging friends are so very prompt with their posts and I get bogged down with trying to keep up.

But if I let blogging control too much of my time or myself, then I rob my kids and Adam, myself and most importantly, God.  And I started this blog as a simple collection of adventures and creations…so breathe.

Blogging is not a competitive sport.

OK, So what have we been doing for the past three weeks?

E took 4 weeks of swimming classes so she would be excited about the water again. See that swim cap and goggles? Yep, she has to wear those EVERY TIME she gets in the water anywhere. It’s hilarious!
Trying out our new (well, new to us) bike trailer. Notice the swim cap and goggles…
Off to the waterslide!
E got her first haircut EVER!! This is waiting for the stylist. We went to Amber Rose Salon and I would highly recommend it. So cute and they speak great English!
Not gonna lie, I cried a little. But she did great!
And although it’s still long, all her blonde curls are gone!
But really, it doesn’t matter because she’s such a beauty!
We’ve been eating WAY too many popsicles. And by the way…these are the BEST popsicles because there is virtually NO mess. Thank you, Japan!
We’ve had several naked water days in the backyard…and those are always a hoot!

IMG_6557 IMG_6553 IMG_6542


We’ve had indoor typhoon play days.
Here we are feeding the babydoll breakfast in our pajamas at 2 o’clock in the afternoon.


We spent a day at the Okinawa Zoo and Wonder Museum…





We’ve been making new friends…
Little G is in love with snails and he frequently looks out the window and yells, “Nail, nail!”
We’ve gone to Comprehensive park…once. It was that day that we remembered why we don’t go to parks in the summer here.
This is E’s favorite game to play anywhere. She calls it “trap.” Frequently I go into her room where she has “trapped” all her princesses in “cages” (tupperware). She is constantly asking me for more “traps.” I think we may have a problem here.
We’ve headed to the Rycom mall to escape the heat and watched the fish.
Also at the mall we got our ramen fix!
We’ve hung out at the beach with the surfers… This is Sobe beach, a couple blocks from our house.


We’ve done a whole lot more and I’ve been making a bunch of crafts…but those adventures get their own posts!!

Happy Summer!



















2 thoughts on “Summer Days on the Island

  1. I love this! Great recap with fun photos. It reminds that I need to step back every once in a while and just enjoy what I’m doing and not worry about blogging it. Thank you!


    1. Awww, Katie! I’m so glad! I can get so wrapped up in the online world that I ignore what’s truly important! Maybe others can do it all…but I canNOT! Happy adventures!


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