Shizen Sekitei Garden

Only about 1 km away from the hydrangea garden (here) I posted about last week, is the unassuming little Shizen Sekitei (Natural Stone) Garden! We made it a two-for-one Saturday last week as we took the little detour to see it.


A little donation for the care of the garden!
A little donation for the care of the garden!

It was a small place with a stone bridge over a creek and some steps up to rocks that are jutting out of the ground.  I didn’t actually get pictures of the rocks because I was borrowing a 50mm lens (from my glorious friend, Hannah from Fun Flying Four) and couldn’t get far enough away to get a whole shot of them.

There were butterflies everywhere!

The garden belongs to a sweet older couple who live there on the property (as did the three generations before them).  We saw their house, but as they were in a conversation with some other visitors, we did not intrude.

My favorite part is this stone Buddha right near the front.


It is a quiet little place and after seeing the hydrangea garden in full sun and with loads of other tourists, this shady little walk was lovely.


There is a cafe in front of it, but since we were in a time crunch to get back, we skipped it.  My friend, Diana, tells me it is all freshly prepared and quite yummy!  A word of slight caution: going off the the path may lead to some snake or spider encounters!  There were tons of webs and if you stood in one place too long, ants began climbing your legs! But hey, this is Okinawa!

safe travels! blessings!



2 thoughts on “Shizen Sekitei Garden

  1. eek, did you see any snakes? we hiked Hiji today and there was a big green snake slithering across our path…thankfully Matt spotted it before we got too close! The stone buddha is awesome!


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