Yohena Aijisai Hydrangea Garden, Okinawa

Several friends told me to go up north with the family and see the hydrangea garden. But I wasn’t as excited about it until I saw all their lovely pictures!! Thousands upon thousands of gorgeous blue and purple hydrangea bushes crawling up the hillside.  It was glorious.  I’ve never seen anything like it before!

IMG_6077 IMG_6078

It is a private residence that is open for public viewing during the months of May and June (when the hydrangeas are in bloom).

IMG_6053 IMG_6039 IMG_6034

It is only 300 yen per adult and both kids were free – quite a deal for such beauty!

IMG_6018 IMG_6041 IMG_6100

It is a must see here on the island and it even has a little cafe overlooking the valley.IMG_6084

IMG_6088We stopped there and got shave ice and it was a welcome snack because it was SO incredibly hot that day.  In fact, we ended up eating 2 big cups and then ordering more…I think we probably could’ve each downed 2 or three huge cups each!  Little E loved it because the syrup was self service so she could mix all the colors up to make a rainbow treat!

IMG_6068 IMG_6067

IMG_6071 IMG_6063




I will say that we went rather late in the season and since we have had a lot of sun already this summer, the blooms were getting burnt and starting to fade.  It is better to go in the beginning of the season…and it wouldn’t be quite so hot either!

Also, this was a very successful Saturday trip because we decided to leave AFTER G’s morning nap.  So we all had a relaxing morning and then headed out after lunch.  No crying in the car = a happy family outing!! YES!!

Blessings and happy adventuring!




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