The “True You Project:” Day 8-14

Back to the #TrueYouProject on Instagram! Here we have Day 8 through 14!

Day 8: Where is Home to You?

This is home; wherever this guy is, I’m home.

Day 9: What Inspires You?

These women inspire me. They are my friends; My tribe. They don’t know each other, but they are each a friend from a different part of my life. They are fierce, faithful, adventurous women who do not back down from a challenge but face it head on. They love freely, laugh openly and most importantly, they are REAL. They are travelers, volunteers, mothers, wives, doulas, bloggers and photographers. Each woman pictured here has changed me and inspired me. Thank you Caylee, Hannah, Diana and Evie!

Day 10: What Are Your Tools?

Another project I’m working on is making fairies for my 5 year old. Here are some of my tools for that. I LOVE my hot glue gun from Daiso! I recently acquired two more…you know, just in case.

Day 11: Your View

The calm after the storm. The East China Sea after a typhoon!

Day 12: Tell Your Story

I’m 36. But I still feel 20. My parents have lived in the same house for 37 years in Northern California. I got married in the backyard to a boy from Iowa that I met in a university in Arkansas. We lived in Arkansas for 5 years. We lived in Oregon for 5 years, had a baby, moved to Okinawa, had a baby…and here we are. I taught junior high school for 10 years before getting to stay at home with my littlies. In my life I’ve been a waitress, a maid, an ice cream scooper, a business owner, a massage therapist, a teacher and a secretary. I’ve been in a band and recorded albums in studios and I’ve sung gigs at bars and coffee shops. I’ve acted and sung on stage to thousands of people. I’ve been an owner and founder of a rock climbing gym. My friends and I were mugged 5 times while traveling Europe. I’ve punched a horse in the face (for good reason) and I have the uncanny knack for randomly meeting people across the world that I know from somewhere else. I miss California but I most identify with Oregon. I feel like Oregon and I understand each other. I miss it there…

Day 13: What Are You Passionate About?

11429885_10155745996740078_961573535_n I am passionate about being silly. There is a serious lack of it in the world and I KNOW we all have it inside. Even as a high schooler I was passionate about making sure everyone was in touch with their ridiculous side and I’m raising my kids to not be afraid of being silly. I don’t take myself very seriously and I believe laughter really does heal. So go out there and be ridiculous and don’t be afraid of it! Who knows, you may just make a friend or encourage someone else to break out of a shell and be free, be weird…be themselves!

Day 14: Where Is Your Happy Place?

Wherever I can dance! It may be in my car, at a salsa club, in a store or on the street. I dance often and anywhere I feel the urge. I remember once I was shopping with my brother at Gap and while rifling though some clearance shirts he looked over at me and said, “Erin, dancing is more fun than shopping. Let’s dance.” And so we did. In the middle of Gap…and it was awesome! Nowadays, it is most often done in my kitchen and in the living room with my two favorite little dance partners…my happy place!

Blessings and Peace to You,



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