The ‘True You Project’: Day 1-7

I have been taking part of a photo challenge on Instagram called the #trueyouproject. Started by Britt Conrad from Britt and Hive blog, Jess from Foreign Room blog, and Abby Barstow from Little City Adventures blog, the TrueYouProject is a day by day glimpse into the real you.  Prompts are very simple and you can make as personal or as surface as you like.  It has been so fun to see the real lives of other bloggers, moms and photographers through this project. I must admit that I am not very consistent at it and sometimes post 5 days worth of pictures in one sitting!  But, that’s the way it goes when you’re a mom!

So here is Day 1 through Day 7 of my #trueyouproject posts.  Feel free to jump in and join us!!

Day 1: Who Are You?

My name is Erin and I’m a mom of two, traveler, DIYer, thrift store addict. I live abroad in Okinawa, Japan, and I’ve been married for 12 years to my bestest friend. I have a lifestyle blog over at makeshift gypsies (link in profile) that focuses on travel, family and creating. But who am I really?? I am a mixture of emotion and strength, weakness and faithfulness. I relish my role as mom – I love listening to 5 year old dreams, making forts and having tea parties. I love snuggling and chasing and beach combing, looking for treasure. I love speaking God to the hearts of my children and reminding them AND myself of His grace. I try yoga, I attempt sewing, I’m a pseudo bohemian, I know nothing of fashion. I love people and culture, history and spirituality. And I love this idea of the trueyouproject! I’ve already discovered some amazing women through it!


Day 2: Your Favorite Coffee Place?

Home is not my “favorite” per say (mostly because I’m surrounded by laundry and toys and dirty dishes and little people all begging for attention) but it is my frequent coffee haunt. And I get to wear my pajamas!


Day 3: What Are You Working On Right Now?

I always have about 9 projects going on at once. Currently I’m making hanging sea glass holders! These are so easy AND they can double as little candle holders for some awesome ambience (I use the battery powered candles so I don’t burn the house down)!


Day 4: From Where You Stand

Water fountain and baby toes!! Living on a subtropical island with kids…this is a summer norm!


Day 5: Show Your Mess!

I’ll see your laundry, ladies, and raise you a sink of dirty dishes! I hate them! And yes, there are toys scattered in there as well. Sheesh. Where is the “vwa-la clean” Instagram filter, eh?


Day 6: A Few Of Your Favorite Things

These are on the top of my current favorite “things” (I’m not including things like toddler kisses or little girl snuggles which are obviously my top things). My trucker hat from Onna Village, my old Rocket Dogs, our driftwood wrapped fairy wands that appear in jars around the house, colorful yarn, my ergo (which is now counted as an accessory to my outfits) and my new awesome rugs from the Marine gift shop!!


Day 7: Your Style

This is a terrible shot, but here it is: my style…or perhaps lack thereof! I wear immensely wide legged pants, breezy shirts, beads, leather cuffs, Reef flip flops (that I got in Hawaii in 2005 and they are STILL going strong), skirts over jeans, tunics…lots of tunics and I even still wear crocs (which I can get away with because I live in Okinawa! So there).



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