Beach Rock Village

Adam has been gone to Korea for a few days and I have NOT been blogging or adventuring…I’ve been surviving.  So today’s post will be about an adventure that we took a couple of months ago: Beach Rock Village

Cafe porch
Cafe porch

Beach Rock Village is this little gypsy camping/cafe/hiking/lounging/communinsh kind of place way up north on the island.  Since I love all things gypsy, I dragged the family one Saturday a couple of months ago for a little adventure up there.

On our drive up the long winding one lane road to get to Beach Rock Village (hereafter known as BRV…because I’m super lazy and don’t want to keep typing it out) we were cracking jokes about it looking like the Dharma Initiative from Lost.  It is jungleish and has some broken down vehicles and houses that literally look like ruins.  We had to stop at one point to let a herd of goats pass by.

Goat crossing
Goat crossing

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from BRV and we looked a bit lost for awhile.  There are houses at the site (ok, so it’s not really a village per say) and I’m not sure if they are connected to the place or just people consequently living on the land.  Confusing.

Ye old theatre.  I wonder if they still use it.
Ye old theatre. I wonder if they still use it.

We finally found a small place to park and walked down to a little cafe and tree house that sit on the edge of a lush ravine.  There are teepees and little cabins on the side of the hill that you can stay overnight in, campsites, the cafe, a reading room, a rope swing, hiking trails, two tree houses and a funky little separate bathroom.  There were no signs for anything and it was quite overgrown so any hiking trails would be a bit precarious.

A precarious tree house
A perilous tree house

I think it’s better if you arrive later (looked like people were crawling out of bed around 11:00am – whereas I had been up since 5:30 thanks to the kids) and stay the night so that you are truly part of the vibe of the place. It was so quiet when we were there (perhaps because everyone was asleep) and the birds were chirping in the trees.  I was totally worried that my kids would be screaming and singing and disrupting the peacefulness so I kept reminding them to listen to the birds, “Can you hear them? Oh, keep listening…”

Walking down to the teepees
Walking down to the teepees


Lush Ravine...that should be the name of a band!  Although it does conjure up images of an alcoholic girl named maybe not.
Lush Ravine…that should be the name of a band! Although it does conjure up images of an alcoholic girl named Ravine…so maybe not.
The Funky Bathroom. Oooh, another cool band name!
The Funky Bathroom. Oooh, another cool band name!IMG_2978

The treehouse is cool but it has NO railing so I had a death grip on little E’s hand the whole time.  The rope swing – also cool – went directly over the ravine with a 40 foot dropoff. So we did NOT try that one!  We couldn’t find the hiking trails but we did see some horses that I think you can ride for the day.

Main Treehouse
Main Treehouse
See? Even little G is like, "What the what? Where are the rails here, people?"
See? Even little G is like, “What the what? Where are the rails here, people?”
Death Grip. *band name*
Death Grip. *band name*

It was very eclectic and the coffee we drank was delicious!  The cafe was cute, it looked out over the ravine, and even had wood toys for the kids to play with so that made it very pleasant while we sipped our organic coffee.


All in all, I would’ve loved it if we didn’t have littlies to worry about and could have stayed the night, swung on the sketchy rope swing, ate a pizza lunch at the top of the dangerous treehouse with our legs dangling in midair and ridden horses around the ravine. But life looks a bit different when you have two cute tag-alongs! Ah well, maybe later!


4 thoughts on “Beach Rock Village

  1. It’s so funny because when I saw the subject line, I thought this was going to be all about how much you loovveddd it. Then, I read about the kids stuff and it totally made sense – just not where my brain is at! I went on an adventure to BRV with my friend, Kacey, and it was really fun… except when we saw the goat drinking its own pee. haha!


    1. Indeed! She totally remembers this place and I’m really glad we went. It was an ADVENTURE…gotta say that a lot when you have kids (like when you get lost or when things don’t go as planned!).


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