Life Hack: Kid’s Yoga Mat (for cheap)


We’ve had no adventures in our house this week.  Well, actually we had a HUGE adventure: food poisoning.  But there was no way I was up for shooting pictures of the piles of disgusting laundry, little E lying on the bathroom floor or our night of NO sleep.  Especially because I was also suffering from food poisoning.  Bleh.

But, onto the point of THIS post! YOGA MATS, for kids!

Little E wanted her own awhile back and rather than spending $20 on a mat she might never actually want to use…I instead had a brilliant idea!


So someone, somewhere else has probably thought of this…but I honestly thought of this on my own whilst walking through the exchange.

I was passing by the kitchen section and saw the shelf liners…AND, you can guess what comes next.  YEP, a $3 yoga mat!  Little E chose red and off we went to purchase her very own yoga mat! It works great and just fits her.

AND if you’re in Japan, Daiso has these for 100 yen…that’s like 83 cents! Can’t beat that! Now we have one for Dad, one for me and one for little E!

So I did a little yoga shoot…which is much more difficult with a 1 year old running about!

IMG_4522 IMG_4523 IMG_4557 IMG_4563

Little G tried to do yoga too!!



IMG_4542And then it just turned to plain silliness!!

IMG_4564 IMG_4560

IMG_4567Oh these two!!






2 thoughts on “Life Hack: Kid’s Yoga Mat (for cheap)

    1. Holy cow, this is such an old post, Mindy!! Back in the day when I didn’t really know how to take pictures and I didn’t have a good lens!! *cringe


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