Egg Hunting at Sobe Park

IMG_5031Our favorite little park is only a couple blocks walk from our house.  Sobe Park.  It’s small and clean and butts up to the beach.  There are rarely many people there so it is perfect for a little Easter Egg Hunt!

We just invested in this awesome foldable wagon that I LOVE and so decided to pack everyone up, walk to the park and meet some friends for lunch (and candy).



This is our 2nd year doing the egg hunt here and both times it has been so pleasant and relaxing!  Our first Easter on island, we went to the egg hunt sponsored by Kadena AFB and it was CRAZY!  There were too many big kids for my little girl and too many people in general.  Here, we don’t worry about where to park (our awesome wagon), losing our kids in a crowd, not getting any eggs because the big kids get them first, or that creepy Easter bunny who seems to always be around…



We met our neighborhood buddies (the Traficans and Custodios) and everyone had a (calm) blast!

I didn’t end up getting any family pictures, which I’m sad about.  And of course there aren’t any pictures of me…but that’s okay because I didn’t really even try to look good that day!

IMG_5044 IMG_5042


But I did get some REALLY cute pictures of my friends’ kids!!

IMG_5095 IMG_5115Isn’t this girl a beauty??

IMG_5144 IMG_5140



Beautiful Mapela and her two littlies!


Counting eggs with some help from some local girls!

IMG_5108 IMG_5055


IMG_5151 IMG_5155


Adam and babaloo sharing some fruit loops (yes, I fill my Easter eggs with cereal so my kids don’t get too nuts).

Successful day! Happy Easter, everyone!  How did you celebrate?


5 thoughts on “Egg Hunting at Sobe Park

    1. Ack! I just saw these comments from you, Kassie! Yes, you should get a fold up wagon…it will encourage you to get out for picnics more!!! AND, I highly recommend cereal in eggs when you start having kids…candy + kids = cah-razee!


  1. Glad you had fun friend, our day turned out even busier than I was expecting so there was no chance we would have made it!! We did manage to make it to the Egg explosion thing for Clio before E’s basketball…she didn’t want any eggs put in her hand bag, so we left!

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