Useful Driftwood: For Jewelry


Cool things about driftwood: it’s wood, it has drifted from somewhere unknown (I like to think it all came from a magical place), it’s useful for many things and…it’s FREE.

So go get yourself some.

I use driftwood everywhere I can because I love to remind myself that I live by the sea (which was such a foreign concept to me just a few years ago).  The fairy wands I made for little E’s fairy party: totally driftwood!

And today’s post is about the jewelry hanger I made because I was so tired of detangling my necklaces and I didn’t want another something sitting on my dresser for clutter…so why not clutter up the wall?


Man, this design was so hard to put together too…wait, let me do a tutorial for you:

Grab a stick and hang it on some twine. Done.


I feel a bit silly doing a post on it, but man, it’s just so cool looking that I want you to do it too!  Let’s all hang random things on driftwood together!!

















4 thoughts on “Useful Driftwood: For Jewelry

  1. So…I want to know how you get those gorgeous necklaces/bracelets off of that cool driftwood without having to take the entire thing apart? 🙂


    1. Heh heh. The bracelets are easy because I put them on an end that sticks out (same with the rings. The necklaces I just unhook; the really long ones are just folded over, and the bracelets in the middle are cuffs so they just pop off. Pretty easy, sister! Wait…is this MY sister? Kristi?


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