A Fairy Party: The Fairy Village

AND finally the moment you’ve all been waiting for…well, the moment my sister has been waiting for anyway (she’s been hounding me to post this): The Fairy Village!!IMG_5003

I got most of my ideas off Pinterest and improvised after that.  Almost everything was either found objects (“lost things…” which I find very fairyish) or scraps from other projects.

The box is an old desk drawer which I painted and distressed a few years ago.

The houses are bird houses I got last year at Joann’s Fabrics in California.  My husband extended the little hole into a door and I hot glued little rocks to them.

IMG_4700 IMG_4712 I used brown hot glue sticks from Daiso (100 yen shop), and rocks from the landscape section of Makeman (hardware store).  Tip: rinse the rocks off before you start hotglueing or they just pop right off because of all the dust!

IMG_4706 I also made a little bed, a table and chair, and a fairy tent out of sticks from our yard.


I was at the thrift store (because I LOVE the thrift store!) before I had finished this and I saw this plastic sack of what looked like little bean bags (you know, for playing that game where you throw the bean bag in a hole). They were homemade with such cute material that I just had to take them home (they were only $2).  When I opened them up, little E gushed, “OH, MOM!! Little pillows for my PRINCESSES!! Thank you, Thank you! Can I take them up to my room and show them (the princesses, that is)?”

Well, that was awesome and so it gave me the idea to use the little pillows here in the village as well!  I had to snake a couple from her room (which was easy because her room is a minor disaster at all times) and wa-la, mattress for the bed and cushion for the tent.


The lantern idea I got from somewhere on Pinterest and I really apologize to whomever came up with the whole “use a champagne top for a fairy lantern” idea because I can NOT remember where I got this! But it works!!


But the campfire was all my own!…I’m pretty proud of it!


Oh, my other favorite detail is the bird’s nest which I got from here. So cute and easy!!IMG_4987 The moss was given to me by my mom.  It’s real moss that never gets brown…which is beyond my understanding – I love the 21st century!

So there you have it friends!  I LOVED making this and crafting all the details, and little E loves playing with it! SUCCESS!

Make your own little fairy home and let me know how it goes! Feel free to rip off all these ideas and then give me some of your own to rip off…heh heh! I’d love to add to this little village!


IMG_4731IMG_4715 IMG_4728


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