A Fairy Party: Favors and Fairy Threads

And we’re back to the fairy party again…

Now we’re talking about little fairy costumes I made that became the favors (which I like a whole bunch more than little bags of candy or party junk that just ends up in my toddler’s mouth).

First off we had fairy wands! So easy and cheap…




I got the idea from here at the Nurture Store, and then just made it up from there.  I found driftwood (from the East China Sea again…I never get tired of saying that!) and bought copper wire for $2 at a hardware store.  I had some beads left over from years past and just wound the wire around the stick and added beads wherever I fancied. Then I wrapped the bottom in yarn and wa-la! Magic fairy wand to play with at the party and take home!

I also made fairy crowns for each little fairy.

IMG_4449 IMG_4443

I got the idea from looking all over Pinterest and then went to the Yen shop (Japan’s version of a Dollar Store only with MUCH better stuff) and bought fake flowers and green twist ties.

I had some pipe cleaners to form a crown and then just twist tied the flowers to it in various patterns.

IMG_4862 IMG_4855


My mom sent me a bunch of tulle last month, so I used that for wrapping around the whole mess and then for a flowing train in the back.  The whole process took me about 2 movies worth of time…that’s how I measure projects these days: by late night movies 🙂

Tulle tie skirts are all the rage these days.  And why not?  They are so amazingly easy!  Seriously, 15 minutes and you’re done! I only had enough tulle for little E and myself (because hey…I wanted to have one too.  Don’t look at me like that, you know you want one as well).  So here we are!

fairiesIMG_4845 IMG_4876







And finally, we had two little boys at this fairy party.  E’s best friend and her little brother.  So, I decided on pirate hats and that’s ALL I did for them because by this point, I had run out of creation steam!!

IMG_4504 IMG_4506

Got my pirate hat tutorial here at Simple Simon and Company and tweaked it a bit. But, man, did they turn out cute?! Or maybe that’s just the little pirate who’s wearing it…cutie!!

IMG_4682 IMG_4719

And here are just some lovely shots of my beautiful Little E from our fairy photo shoot!!  I couldn’t resist.  She’s just so photogenic! Especially in this shot:

IMG_4867 IMG_4951 IMG_4955 IMG_4970


OK, so the NEXT Fairy Party post will be about little E’s present – her Fairy Village! Tune in again soon!




8 thoughts on “A Fairy Party: Favors and Fairy Threads

  1. This is so cute and whimsical! I love it! My friend has a business called “Fairy Tales and Dragon Scales” – She dresses up like Rapunzel and brings her reptile, Pascal. You should look her up on Facebook! 🙂


  2. I know I already commented on this… but could we plan a date day where we make a bunch of flower crowns? I really want to do a photoshoot with some and I feel like I don’t what to pick…


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