22nd Annual Yachimun Chinaware Fair at Moon Beach

OK, OK…I know I said that I was going to do another post about fairy party favors…and I DO have one started, but the pottery was calling me again!

I wanted to have an adventure out of the house and by 1:30, Adam didn’t want to go anywhere too far away. SO…

The 22nd Annual Yachiman Chinaware Fair was held at Hotel Moon Beach in Onna Village this year and that’s only like 5 miles away from us! So we HAD to go!

It was a last minute decision and I’m so glad we made the short trip because it was such fun! But sadly, I left my camera at home so all you get is iPhone shots. Boo.

So first off, this is what the hotel looks like on the inside.


There is a fish pool underneath all of these falling vines with a little shark swimming around!  Crazy! The resort has it’s own private cove with beach and a lovely overlook.


Don’t mind my armpit.

And the overlook even has a *gasp* MERMAID STATUE! Little E was so excited!


The fair is potters from all over the island selling their pottery and it’s kind of a big deal. We parked far away and were shuttled to the event.  There were over 50 potters there, classes on making pottery, Shisa painting, food from local places set up, and live music.

As it turns out, Adam also likes pottery shopping…ah HA, my diabolical plan is working!

He said, “Well, if I knew these sales were like this I would’ve brought more money!” He did end up with a mug he liked (we only buy one funky mug at a time because we like mismatching).  Sorry again for my lame iPhone pictures.


Because this wasn’t a “sale” but more of a fair, the prices were a bit high for my liking (I’m used to the Yomitan sale prices) so I didn’t end up buying anything.


We had a snack of sugary bean curd donuts.  I had NO idea what I was buying and I’m so glad I didn’t because I probably wouldn’t have bought it.  But we all ended up loving them!

11084593_10155391434515078_547682059_n 11063286_10155391434755078_364518244_nDelicious!

After pottery shopping, we walked down 58 for a bit because I HAD to go to the surf shop I saw on the way to buy a trucker hat.  I’ve been obsessed with finding one from a surf shop here on island for a year now!  Success!  I’ll post a photo of that on my instagram!

Great day with pottery…again! Kids had fun, Adam had fun and we were home within a couple hours!

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