Yomitan Village Pottery Sale

Ok, let’s take a quick break from fairies and talk about how much I adore pottery.  Then we can get back to fairy parties.

I love pottery.  Especially funky, unmatching pottery. Love it. AND I love a good deal, so pottery that’s on sale…count me in!

So with that in mind, every time the Yomitan Pottery Village (over here on the island) has their sales, I’m hopping to go!!  It’s especially cool because it’s all hand made here on Okinawa by local potters in the town I live in!

Here are my latest pieces (only spent 3000 yen!…that’s like $25):

IMG_4493 IMG_4495

That platter was originally about $100!

So, if you’re on island, make a note to get your tail to a Yomitan Pottery Sale WHENEVER they come up and show up the day they open and as soon as they open or the good stuff will be gone!!



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