A Fairy Party: Decorations

Little E is obsessed with fairies.  She knows all the names and talents of all of TinkerBell’s friends, thinks glitter is actually fairy dust, believes that Pixie Hollow is a real place and jingles bells to call the fairies to her room.  So for her 5th birthday, what better theme than a fairy tea party??

I thought I’d start these posts by showing the decorations that I made first (VERY cheap and VERY packable…a must for those of us living abroad) then on the next post show off the fairy village I made for her.  It took me so long, that I wanted to give it its own post!

The butterflies should be first!  I love them so much, I might leave them up all spring!  I got this idea from the bats I did for Halloween, which I got here from Dana on DanaMadeIt (one of my favorite blogs). And I thought, why not butterflies?





I actually got the idea for the color of butterflies from this picture in an Anthropologie window display:


Also among my decorations is this ballerina hanging from a little string, which I got here.

 And then the paper garlands I always do in ombre yellow.  These are seriously easy to make, easy to pack, easy to hang and coordinate with other decorations.  I got this garland idea from Lindsay over at A Wooden Nest.  She’s actually a friend of my best friend AND I used Lindsey’s own wedding garlands for a baby shower I threw in Oregon a number of years ago…and my life has never been the same (thank you, Lindsay)!!
I have a couple different sizes of giant hole punches.  I punch out my color of card stock and sew them together in a line with a coordinating thread color.  So easy.  You should make some.  Like now.  Go make some.
I reused this scrap garland from a baby shower I threw a month ago and I still love it!
I also reused this paper…thing.  What would you call this?? I love that it adds texture to the wall.  I actually love it so much that I want to make a huge orange one for one of my walls.  I’ll let you know when that project gets done…
IMG_4800 IMG_4801
And then finally my paper lanterns which I get for 100 yen (like 80 cents in exchange) at the nearest Daiso.
 IMG_4752 IMG_4760
Holy Cow I have a ton of hanging things in my house…I kinda like it.
Because I used fabric and paper that I already had on hand for a lot of these, and reused decorations from other parties (which I totally think you should do), I probably spent a grand total of 6 dollars on these decorations!
Hooray for reusing and recycling!!

9 thoughts on “A Fairy Party: Decorations

  1. love all your decorations! I really want to make a garland but I will just add it to my list of things to do that never get done!


    1. No no!! Hannah, they are soon easy!!! Do you have a sewing machine?? If not, just find card stock you like and come on over…we’ll have a garland party and make them!!


      1. I do have a sewing machine! I just can only sew in a straight line (and even then thats queationable!)


    1. Yay! Of course! The more the merrier I always say! THEN, we can all BLOG about our awesome garland party and maybe people all over the world will follow the trend. because we’re that awesome.


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