Shikinaen Royal Garden

Well, we were supposed to be vacationing in exciting Taipei, Taiwan this past weekend for Valentine’s Day/President’s Day.  BUT (as our luck would have it), through a trio of unforeseen disasters the night before, we ended up canceling our much awaited and anticipated adventure.

“What were these three  mishaps?” you may ask.

Well, first, G and I got sick…coughing and fever sick.  So then, Adam decided that he would enjoy taking just E and enjoying our Taipei vacation with her.  So we got that settled and then he looked at our passports and realized that our reentry stamps were expired.  Meaning: while we could get out of Japan, they very well might not let us back in!  YERP!  But he called his friend and she assured him that with current orders, that wouldn’t be a problem.  But THEN, the car wouldn’t start.  DEAD.  Deader than ever and Adam tried to jump it to no avail.  Let’s all keep in mind that these three things all happened THE NIGHT BEFORE we were supposed to leave.  By 11:00pm with all of that going on, Adam threw in the towel and decided that the good Lord didn’t want us going to Taipei this weekend so he switched our tickets and I switched our vacation rental.

I’m glad I’m not stuck in a one bedroom apartment coughing through the night with my family…but I sure would’ve loved to spend Valentine’s Day in Taipei…

So what did we do instead??  Mostly rested and played inside.

But we did venture out a couple times!  Once, last evening to Cape Zanpa (only 10 minutes away) and then today (President’s Day), down to Shikinaen Royal Garden and then a Naha Park for lunch.  Some lovely outings and I even got a few cherry blossom shots.

That little face!
she’s a wild girl!
Look at those wild eyes!  She always looks prettiest when she’s adventuring!
Can’t believe how grown up she looks!
smiley boy
Skikinaen Royal Garden
I love E in a trucker hat…she’s so much cooler than me!
Such a beautiful and tranquil place
E kept calling this a tinker bell house…she has a one track mind!
It’s right in the middle of Naha!
This is at a Shinto shrine right next to the huge baseball stadium in Naha

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