Tea Parties and Zukeran Egg Shop

Little E has been having lots of adventures lately and some have been quite surprising!  We went to a wonderful tea party at Ciara and Natalia’s house where the girls ate sweets, drank “tea” (actually lemonade) and dressed up in tiara’s, necklaces and dresses.

So much fun to watch them act like little ladies…and then run like banshees around the house after the sugar kicked in 🙂

Little E and Maggie
Tiaras and necklaces!!
Cameron sure enjoyed sitting like a big girl
Special hair and dress for the occasion!
Little E had so much fun and loved that she got to take home little gifts!

Also this month, Little E and I met Diana and Evan at the Zukeran Egg Shop and Zoo!  What a crazy place!  It’s a zoo that sells eggs and also has a patisserie attached…strange, but free and WONDERFUL for a rainy day!  It’s much bigger than we thought and mostly indoors.  Evan was a trooper and got close to all the animals…scaring us a bit by the ostriches.  Little E loved seeing all the monkeys but was not too keen to get close to anything.  She did enjoy the chocolate cream puff we shared at the end, though!

You can’t tell, but there’s a mouse in this huge cage…I don’t think it was put there on purpose, but we thought it was funny.
Evan and the bull
There were three peacocks that were all in full strut mode for the whole time we were there.
This place is in the middle of the city…they’ve built a little jungle paradise here and it’s so quiet, you feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere!
lily pond with turtles
Diana, Evan and the very loud parrot that Little E yelled at and closed her ears.
Watch out, Evan.  That emu looks a bit hungry.
Perfect…bunnies are quiet, soft and they don’t bite.  Little E likes them 🙂

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