Felt food birthday!

Well, it took me months of work and sewing (on a sewing machine with only a broken silk foot no less…couldn’t find a foot anywhere here and Amazon wouldn’t send one to me) and tons of Pinterest nights when I should’ve been sleeping, but I made all of Little E’s 3rd birthday presents and decorations and I must say, I was mostly proud of everything!  Little E wasn’t as excited about the homemade presents as I was, but…what do you expect from a three year old!

I had three lanterns in a row over the food…of course I took them down before I took pictures of them!
We had flags festooning every room.
And a pink paper chandelier in the dining room!
I made her a tiered birthday cake as a present.
A breakfast set
Bacon, eggs and a skillet
Mmmmm, bacon
Cinnamon Rolls!!
AND a lovely campfire complete with hotdogs that fit on the sticks and…
…and marshmallows that fit on the sticks with s’mores!!
I had so much fun thinking and making all of it.  I didn’t use patterns, just kind of went with my gut and looked at pictures off Pinterest to get ideas.  I’ve got the itch and now I want to make MORE stuff!  Anybody got more ideas for me to try??

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