February 2013; Civic Center park, Araha beach, Jai Tai Thai food!

Ah February!  This was the month of cherry blossoms, valentines and Adam’s birthday!  So apparently, the cherry blossom festival happens this month.  A few friends went and said that maybe two or three trees had blossoms and that it wasn’t as exciting as they’d hoped.  So we decided against the long trek to Nago with all the crowds.  But we did see some cherry blossoms at our local park (Civic Center Park)

Diana, Evan, Little E and I decided to visit a new park and we saw CHERRY BLOSSOMS!
We hiked up some treacherous “Indiana Jones” stairs and found a lookout.
We headed to the beach one weekend night just to catch the sunset!

Who’s that handsome man?
Then we ended up having dinner at Climax Coffee.

We hit up some of our favorite parks because the weather was just gorgeous.

Little E and Maggie, braving the slide together!
Comprehensive Park
We ended out the month celebrating Adam’s birthday at Jai Tai!  Yum.
This is the creepy statue in front of Jai Tai.  Little E thought it was beautiful.

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