Homemade Christmas and lights at American Village

The holidays are over and boy did they go fast and furious.  I was half of the mind to let Christmas just pass without much hoopla…but once I saw Little E get excited over a Christmas tree she saw on t.v., that idea was OVER!  So, I went to the exchange on two different bases three times each trying to find a fake christmas tree…to NO avail (sold out, and lights too), almost gave up hope and then ended up racing to Foster 2 weeks before Christmas to get THE LAST 4 foot tree there (the rest were 7 foot trees and very expensive).  We decorated it with yarn (yep, just balls of yarn, unraveled and tossed around) and paper garlands and wa-la, christmas tree for us!  It REALLY changed the mood and suddenly I was playing Michael Buble christmas music every day (unheard of for me)!
As it was our first Christmas EVER as just our little family, we got to make new traditions!  Christmas cookies for Santa, writing Santa a letter, opening presents in the morning…such fun with a toddler!
Here is Christmas cookies at the Wise’s!
 Like me, Little E could not figure out how to play Mario Cart…she just got frustrated, as I do!!
 The lights at Mihama American Village
We even sat on Santa’s lap!! He came to Camp Foster in the Ocean Breeze (how convenient of him). No line for Santa (AND he wasn’t creepy at all) and a somewhat decent buffet dinner after.
Making cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.  Shelley and Jared shared the new experience with us!
Little E insisted the sprinkles were pixie dust and ate most of it, threw it in the air and sprinkled it in her hair as well.

This is Little E’s letter to Santa.  I kept asking, “Little E, what do you want to say to Santa?” and this is pretty much what she said.  I added a please and thank you and some letter grammar, but not much else.

Our homemade stockings (yep, left those at home too), tree and some decor from auntie Kristi!
Leaving cookies, milk, bread (which Little E decided reindeer ate) and our letter for Santa.
Loot from Santa!
Little E was awesome for the holidays: stayed up later on several nights and was still great, got excited about every gift, and went along with all our silly new traditions!
We got to skype both families on Christmas day and even had friends over for dinner!  Successful and cheery even far from family!!

2 thoughts on “Homemade Christmas and lights at American Village

  1. Wow, this was so long ago and I haven't seen it! Yes, I still think we should facetime soon! We got your sweet valentine and it's stuck to our wall where Eva can see it! Miss you guys!


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