Okinawa Aquarium Take 2

We went back to the aquarium two weeks ago with grand hopes of eating lunch on the beach there, watching the dolphins for a long time and eating at this great pizza restaurant nearby for dinner. Well, it rained really hard that day so lunch was inside by the fish, we had to skip the dolphins (which is a completely outdoor exhibition) and the pizza place was also outdoor…booo.  We still had a great time inside and even ran through the rain to see the turtles and manatees.  Little E was wrapped in a towel for half the day!

We stopped on the side of the road because the sea was so beautiful…

and WINDY!  (Hey, there’s our little Honda Fit)

Little E so desperately wanted to go swimming!

And it was about this time when the rain started and we had to race back to the car!

You always have to keep an eye on Little E in crowded places…the Japanese LOVE her and would probably gladly take her home at any time.  In fact, often girls stopped fish watching and started taking pictures of Little E, saying in broken English, “Your daughter is so cute.”

Having a conversation with a big fish.

Ah, the whale sharks.  They never get old.

Heh heh…I’m so glad Little E is game for whatever!

She loves those turtles!

Always fun at the aquarium!


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