My two dressers: a tale of upscaling

Once upon a time there were two very ugly, dark, old, dressers…

As a stay at home mom, I don’t get a lot of free time – go figure, I thought I’d be lounging around all the time!!  This is especially true when you are adjusting to living abroad (where do I go to a doctor? Where do I shop for clothes or craft supplies? I’m sick of this park, where is there another one? What, the hot water is out…what do I do?), potty training and trying to clean a bigger house than you’ve ever had before!  I mean, three bathrooms?  Are you kidding me?
But somehow, I’ve managed to stay somewhat sane (at least to hide the insanity from the general public and my daughter) AND do a few projects in the meantime.

Project numero 1: Chest of drawers.  Used to be painted dark brown with blue scriptures written on it.  I sanded it by hand here in Okinawa on our porch, painted and distressed it.  LOVE it now!!

Project numero 2: Chest of drawers.  Used to be stained dark wood (bleh).  This was my mom and dad’s old dresser that they gave to us when they upgraded.  Little E had it in her room and I started stripping it in Oregon, then we moved and it was still half stripped.  I finished stripping it here, hand sanded it again and painted/distressed it.  LOVE it now!

Before: see?  It’s so dark, you can’t even see it!

After: much better!


And I shall sleep happily ever after next to my dressers!

The End


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