Okinawa Aquarium

 We spent last Saturday at the Okinawa Aquarium!  It is the second largest aquarium in the world (the first is in Atlanta, Georgia) and it houses 3 whale sharks!  Whale sharks are the biggest fish in the ocean.  We had a grand time – such an adventure and we ended up getting year passes (once you go twice, you’ve paid for them).  Little E loved every part of the experience (except for the hour and a half drive to get there) but especially the dolphin show.  I can’t wait for people to come visit so we can take them!
Yes, I was going this fast…okay, okay, it’s kilometers!
The misters outside the Aquarium
Little E did NOT want to touch anything.
Little E and daddy watching fish.
The big tank!
Our lunch…a curry hotdog and a chicken pita.
Outside the Aquarium…right on the East China Sea!
At the dolphin show
Little E wasn’t very excited about getting splashed by dolphins!

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