Comprehensive Park: E’s favorite park

It’s funny how small things change once you have a kid.

IMG_0391There’s the obvious stuff (a freeloader living at the house, your body suddenly doesn’t work the same, the amount of stuff you accumulate suddenly triples as does the laundry) and then there are little things that you don’t think about until your situation changes.

Traveling now is ALL about these three things: Where is the nearest park? Where are the nearest clean bathrooms? and What is Little E going to eat here?  No more is there the sense of abandon and wild exploration.  My exploration has become very planned out!  I keep thinking the lamest things like, “This place really needs to consider having a shaded area for kids to play” or “Why don’t ALL airports have play structures for kids to exert energy on?”  Why aren’t people thinking about us moms more??  Heh heh, reality check!

So, with all this planned exploration, we have found the best park and it’s only a couple miles from the house!!  It’s called Comprehensive Park and it’s acres upon acres of beautiful gardens, coy ponds, bridges, sports complexes and playgrounds.  It has a water park, a pool, a hanger (with who knows what inside) a couple of amphitheaters, every sport field or court you can imagine.  It’s awesome, and would take weeks to fully see it all.  On the beach side of it (yes, the Pacific touches a whole side of it and you can dip your toes in there) is a wonderful shaded playground that looks like a cross between Swiss Family Robinson and Survivor.  Our new friends (Jake, Elisha and their sweet daughter, M) introduced us to this secret spot and we’re addicted! My favorite part is that it’s right next to a coy pond where you can feed coy, turtles and ducks!

Little E and M on the toddler section!


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