The road to Okinawa

Here are the things that have happened since the last post:

-Found out we actually got the job!
-Had a yard sale
-Put a ton of stuff in storage (including all my classroom stuff!)
-Sold our truck and junked our car (goodbye, little car)
-Said goodbye to all of our wonderful Oregon friends
-Put Kellie Strawn in charge of our household items which were packed by professionals
-Traveled to California for our last family visit
-Spent 2 lovely weeks with my family (relaxing, shopping…worrying)
-Jumped onto an airplane from Sacramento (thanks mom and Kristi for cheering us on)
-Spent the next 20 hours in airports or on planes (E only slept 2 hours of that and Adam thinks he got food poisoning…puking in the Tokyo airport is all part of the grand adventure)
-Arrived in Okinawa where it was 90 degrees at 8pm and humid!!!
-Discovered that yes, Japanese drivers are on the other side of the car and they also drive on the other side of the street…hmmm
-Slept in our on-base hotel suite (cramped, but convenient) at Camp Foster
-Got up at 6am for meetings all day (military ID, bank account, post office, food shopping…all on base of course)
-Took ridiculous naps from 3:30 to 7:30 at night…jet lag!
-Had our first off base adventure with Adam driving (we tried to find the church tonight so we wouldn’t be stressed out tomorrow morning trying to find it and not be late) – trip successful!
-Stayed in our hotel ALL Sunday because of a typhoon.

Party at the Wises’





At the farmer’s market with grandma!


Swimming at grandma’s and grandpa’s


Up at the Tahoe Family Encampment for an afternoon with the Blachleys


Dancing in grandma’s garden

At Fairytale Town with Brady, Dani, E, K, R, Grandma and Grandpa


At the Folsom Zoo sanctuary


Mom and Kristi saying final goodbyes in Sacramento


Adam accidentally goes to the bathroom in the women’s!



Waiting at the airport is boring!!



On the plane to Tokyo!


View of Camp Foster, Okinawa, from our hotel



Our little Sunday school without leaving…a lesson on having faith in God!




Can’t believe all that happened in a matter of weeks.  Here we are, in Okinawa!

We worried about so many things that in the end, God took care of…of course.


2 thoughts on “The road to Okinawa

  1. Your story is inspiring Erin. Our own personalized blend of trials and blessings, and the growth thereby, sure makes for an interesting and rewarding life. May God continue to bless your family for your faith!

    I miss you! 🙂


  2. I love this blog, Erin! Thanks for keeping us up-to-date on your traveling adventures! I am thankful that you are reconizing God's faithfulness to you throughout all of this. Love you my friend!


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