Roofing: Fixing Up The House Before We Move Abroad

My oh my! We had 7 strong men, two fierce ladies and three strapping young boys come to our house on Sunday and rip our roof off.  What an amazing showing of God’s love!!  These families worked so hard to help us and we just stood there in awe after they left feeling blessed and a bit heart sore because we will be leaving them so soon.  Thank you, Jann, Eric and Ryan Bracht, Josh Wise, John Fortes, Mark Johnson, Lorin and Tappian Paul, Jordan Strawn, Logan and Brennan Sorah, and Monte (I didn’t get your last name) who was a visiting church member from Abilene, Texas!

Who comes to another state on research and spends a whole Sunday afternoon picking up shingles for someone he doesn’t even know???  A man of God, that’s who!  What a testimony to God’s people.

What would we have done without them all?  Thanks to their effort, we got the tar paper put on JUST IN TIME for rain on Monday night!!  What a disaster that would’ve been to have a partially bare roof with rain coming down.  Adam and I just smiled at each other when the rain started and thanked God for our church family again.

ALSO…Monday afternoon brought ANOTHER amazing surprise, Gregg and Pam Strawn came for 2 hours and dumped the entire pile of shingles and other trash we had collected into a giant dumpster.  What a true blessing.  I stood just hours before wondering how long it was going to take us to get all of it moved from the ground to the dumpster – I can’t believe how hard and fast they worked to get it moved.  Again, God has blessed us so much!  Over and over I am amazed by the goodness (thank you Gregg for the sermon  on it) of the people of Christ.

On another note, after showering at Cassie and Alex Rugh’s and Lindsay and Josh Wise’s house a couple of times, and at Adam’s work (hee hee), we finally got to take a bath (not a shower mind you) in our newly tiled tub.  Adam has been working tirelessly to get it finished and it looks awesome! He’s hurt himself in numerous ways (he perhaps has no fingerprints anymore) and gone back and forth to Home Depot to get it done.  God bless my hard working husband.  SO glad I married him!

Pictures will follow 🙂



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